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Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

Q: Where is Sweetheart Weddings?

A: We are located in the Sweetheart City—Loveland, Colorado! But we are mobile and serve the Northern Colorado area.

Q: How soon should we reserve our date + time?

A: Let's make your reservation as soon as you have decided on a date for your ceremony!  The closer we get to your date, the more limited our availability gets. We are currently accepting reservations for 2021. Ask us how you can be added to our 2022 and 2023 list!

Q: How do we book our wedding?

A: Please email us your request form. Once we receive it, we will reach out to discuss your details and accept your deposit.   

Q: What happens after we reserve our date?

A: Once your reservation has been made you can call or email us anytime with questions.  We will contact you with any information we need! You will receive a reservation confirmation, and planning forms to help us plan and coordinate your ceremony.  Please print, complete, and email those forms to us at least 60 days prior to your ceremony. We will contact you the week prior to your ceremony to confirm your ceremony's details. 
We understand you may live out of state and don't have the time to travel to Colorado to meet with us and that's why all planning is done over the phone and via email.

Q: Do you pick the location or do we?

A: The location is your choice. We have preferred locations on our home page. But, if you have a different Northern Colorado destination in mind, let's discuss!

Q: What happens if there is inclement weather?

A: Please make sure you have a backup location set up if needed. Some of our recommended locations have pavilions that make great alternative locations, should there be inclement weather. If you are having a reception, Sweetheart Weddings may be able to set up your ceremony at that location with permission from the venue. Your happiness is so important to us, if the thought of inclement weather makes you nervous we suggest getting married indoors. You may also want to consider Wedding Insurance

Q: Will there be people from the public present?

A: Yes. All preferred locations are public.

Q: Who performs the ceremony?

A: An ordained minister.

Q: Who takes the photographs?

A: All of our packages include photos by our photographers.  We have three photography businesses we work with that provide our photographs. Please see our About Us page for more information. Couples will receive their photos with a release for prints & online ordering/sharing for family & friends. We strive to provide our clients with quality photos, however, weather conditions and late starts may affect the outcome.  It's important to arrive on time to your ceremony.

Q: Do we have to use Sweetheart Weddings' officiant and photographer?

A: No, we will offer a $100 credit for each if you choose to provide your own officiant and/or photographer and provide us with at least 90 days' notice.
Only officiants directly affiliated with Sweetheart Weddings are provided with the proprietary ceremony information, so if you choose to use a different officiant, they will need to plan the content of the ceremony.

Q: Are chairs provided?

A: Yes. Up to 50 chairs are provided with the Premier and Primary Packages. Additional chairs can be added for $5.00 each. 

Q: Are there public restrooms available for guests?

A: If you select a preferred location, there will be a public restroom available for your guests.

Q: What happens if we need to postpone?

A: Any payments (including deposits) will be applied to your new selected date. You will be charged a $350 postponement fee. Postponement fees are due at the time of the postponement. 

Q: What happens if we need to cancel?

A: Your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel 90 days prior to your scheduled ceremony date, all package invoices are due and payable.

Q: Is Sweetheart Weddings able to provide last-minute ceremonies? 

A: Yes! If we have the availability on our schedule, we are happy to provide last-minute ceremonies. Please reach out and we will see if we can make it happen! 

Q: Does Sweetheart Weddings take care of the reception?

A: No, however, we are more than happy to refer you to our preferred vendors including area restaurants, reception venues, and caterers.

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