Sweetheart Weddings is a family-owned business, operated by Loveland natives. Our ancestors first settled in Loveland in 1906! We have great gratitude to those who came before us. Because of them, we have been able to live, work, teach, learn, grow, and raise our children and grandchildren in what we see as one of the best places to live. 
We adore our city, we love Northern Colorado, and it is our honor to have the opportunity to share the Sweetheart City with the special couples who chose to start their married life together in the Land of Love!



At Sweetheart Weddings, we provide our couples with three choices for their ceremony photography. Each of our Photographers come with their own unique personality and photography style to contribute to the special day and will provide you with beautiful photographs to last a lifetime!



Hi there, I'm Charlotte!

I am a young photographer from Northern Colorado. My passion began in 9th grade when I joined my journalism class at school. Since then, I've taken many photos of my friends and made new ones along the way. I love that photography allows me to express my creativity while helping people look and feel their best. I'd love to shoot with you! Aside from the camera, I enjoy writing, playing the drums, and fashion.

Find me on Instagram @charsophiaphoto



Hello! We are Kelli and Derrick, owners of KDJonesphotography! We are both Colorado natives and high school sweethearts. We have three amazing kids, two boys and a girl! When we aren't behind a lens, you will find us adventuring with the whole family - including our three dogs - hiking or planning our next trip - we love to travel! 

There are many photographers out there, which can make choosing one an overwhelming process. When you work with us, our mission is simple; we want to work for you to make capturing your memories as stress free as possible. We work closely with our clients to truly understand what they envision, and want to capture, and then we make it happen! Combined, we have over 11 years of experience, and work with multiple styles, which you can see on our website. We take great pictures, but we also bring a fun atmosphere that removes the awkwardness of being photographed. 

Photography is a wonderful creative outlet for us. We have not only enjoyed working with all of our clients in this journey thus far, we have loved being a husband and wife team. We get to pursue our passion and make meaningful friendships along the way. We hope we get the opportunity to help you capture your moments that matter! 

Let's connect on Instagram @kdjonesphotography_

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Gabriel Dupon is a photographer based in the Northern Colorado area, specializing in wedding photography with a style described as clean, organic, and fresh. Currently, he is known for capturing the Sprague Lake photo that is on the back of the new 2021 Colorado Drivers License.

"Photography is a beautiful thing. Not necessarily capturing what we can see, but what we can’t see..."

There is no limit with this visual medium, as he loves to beautifully capture what he sees in this world and be able to inspire others in such a simple way. He realized through all of his experience that it’s not just about capturing physical beauty, but the beauty of who we are as people from the inside out.

Essentially, he loves to capture moments. And not just any type of moment, he loves to capture precious moments! He enjoys being able to capture that moment when everyone is having a good time getting ready, its exciting to see the kiss at the end of the ceremony, its amazing being able to capture a portrait of the bride and groom looking their best, and he loves seeing everyone bonding together as a new life begins together!

"I want my photographs to be more than just images... My intention is to use this artistic medium to inspire everyone in ways that can't be described."

As a photographer, pleasing his clients with the best effort is his greatest reward when capturing precious moments. He believes that is the true beauty of being a professional photographer. Being able to show up to a wedding and beautifully capture all of the fun, intimate, and exciting action throughout the day is such a blessing and Gabriel can't wait to do the same for you!

"My promise, is to not just take high quality photographs, but capture authentic, timeless, and meaningful images of what you love!"



Emily + Lisa Bratten

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